William H Piel
PI, 2013-2020; 2023-

10 College Avenue East, #01-101, Singapore 138614
Office: RC1-02-06C
SMS: +65 9724 6482

Selvi D
Lab Manager, 2015-2020

Selvi is training students in DNA sequencing and helping to develop methods in Phylogenomics.

Cheng Dong-Qiang
Postdoc, 2015-2020

Dong-Qiang is applying his bioinformatics skills towards understanding the evolution in lycosoid spiders, particularly psechrids.

Chen Ing
Postdoc, 2017-2020

Saoirse studies the phylogenomics of Inge is studying how orb weaving has evolved secondarily in Fecenia.

Saoirse Foley
Grad Student, 2016-2020

Saoirse studies the phylogenomics of tarantulas and the evolutionary histories of their colors, macrosetae, and biogeographies.

Ricky George
Undergraduate, 2019-2020

Ricky is studying the heart physiology of Solifuges.

Yin Xi Tan
Undergraduate, 2019

Yin Xi studied the dynamics of signal conduction in Fecenia and Acusilas using laser doppler vibrometry.

Satheshkumar P
Undergraduate, 2017-2018

Sathesh is visiting from Mepco Schlenk Engineering College, Sivakasi to study Metepeira evolution in South America.

Brandon Xyuen Xyen Lum
Undergraduate, 2017

Brandon completed his honors research “Adaptive Function of UV Colouration in The Slender Pitcher Plant, Nepenthes gracilis“.

Chua Jia Sin
Undergraduate, 2017

Jia Sin completed her honors research “Web building behaviour in Fecenia protensa: how the orb web was reinvented.”

Nicole Siew
Undergraduate, 2017

Nicole completed her honors research “Phylogenetics of the Six-eyed Sand Spider Sicarius thomisoides (Araneae: Sicariidae) in Chile.”

Shelley Chan Hiang Ming
Undergraduate, 2015

Shelley completed her UROPS research project “Phylogenetic Analysis to Resolve the Relatioships Between Fecenia and Other Lycosoid Spiders.”